This joyful process utilizes local wisdom for community surveys and outreach. Within hours, even people who have never had a voice collaborate to share knowledge in local dialects and official languages. The microphone is a universal symbol for communication that reaches everyone.

Debbi has worked in 15 countries, and helped establish dozens of community radio stations.
She is an expert on building capacity in governance, health, human rights, livelihoods and peacebuilding and welcomes challenging assignments using communication for sustainable development.

mic cord
Deborah J. Winsten
empowering citizen voices around the world for 19 years
Debbi Wins10 communication for development consultant based in Washington DC USA
Debbi Winsten offers training in simple communication that empowers all people to gather and present vital information. When everyone has a voice --and access to basic technology-- projects succeed!

Participants communicate through gestures, pictograms and actions that transcend differences in age, experience, education or beliefs.